Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Summer of Moving

This will definitely be the summer of moving. First my son decided at 24 it was time to own his first home. He put an offer on a home and is now going through the loan process and a tentative date of July 24th to close. So proud of him for accomplishing this at such a young age and believe me the house is nicer than my own. Next comes my parents. My dads health has been declining for the past two years and my mom is exhausted from taking care of him and the home, etc. Me and my sister both felt it was time to make some decisions. We went to her a few months ago and had a long conversation about them moving in with my sister and her family. She has the bigger home and the downstairs is practically the mirror image of their upstairs. The only thing we need to do is install a small kitchen in the bar area and they will have two bedrooms, a large bathroom, living and dining area as well as a small kitchen. They will also have a back patio area and a fenced in yard for their two dogs. This week they also received an offer on their house and if everything goes as planned a move out date of August 8th.

So from July 24th - August 10th I am looking at packing and moving two households, starting the Cooperative back up with the first week of classes, homeschooling three 5th graders in my home three days a week, and 8 performances of the King and I with Grace. Can you say crazy busy! I have always said that I thrive on business, but this may be taking it a tad too far. Once the moves are complete it will be so much of a better situations for our mom and dad, and Travis will be in a nearly brand new home.


Sandra said...

Good luck with it all. I'm exhausted just thinking about moves!

Sylvia said...

That does sound a little crazy! Better you than me!