Thursday, June 19, 2014

Continuation of Micro Business for Teens and How It Applies to Our Lives

You may remember that a few weeks ago I posted a review of Micro Business for Teens that you can read at the clickable link if interested. This program made quite the impression on Grace and me. It got her thinking about all sorts of endeavors she could consider to make a little money and learn through experiences. Her first choice is to use her passions of acting, costuming, make up and art to make a little pocket money. Today we went to our local art studio run by Grace's favorite teacher to discuss the possibility of partnering to make some of this start happening. At the very least Grace will be apprenticing with a small business owner to gain experience through festivals, art camps, and pizza nights. It is looking more like the owner will hire Grace as an assistant for each party and festival and pay her a flat fee. This art studio also offers painting birthday parties so it was the perfect location to feel out the community and see how they might respond to princess themed birthday parties.

Tomorrow we will order more costumes to add to the possible choices for themed birthday parties. Next week Grace will be volunteering with one of the art camps with kindergarten age children Monday - Thursday. On Thursday she will dress up in one of her costumes for the kids. There is a festival coming up at the end of July to attend to face paint. She is quite excited about where this may all go.

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