Friday, April 25, 2014

Weekly Wrap Up - Lots Going On

The week started off with an Easter lunch at my sister's house. Loved having my two kids under one roof.

This morning we ended the week with our volunteer time at the animal shelter. The cat above and the cat below are our friends that we see each week in the adult cat room. They are looking for their forever homes and are as sweet as can be. This morning we got up bright and early to be at the shelter in time to learn some of the clean up procedures. We were tasked with cleaning all the water and feeding bowls as well as litter pans. That took about an hour. Then we visited with the cats and a couple of puppies before heading home.


This afternoon was about decorating for the Cooperative's first Spring Formal. Grace was drawing a greeting on the chalkboard for all the attendees when they arrive tomorrow night.

Here are some of the favors that will be handed out to the attending students.
This week we were able to get a little schoolwork done. The most frustrating part is that Grace has hit a wall with Algebra. We are having to go back and review all the concepts with exponents before we can move on. I think this means Algebra II won't be happening until maybe November at this point. We were already behind and now this is moving us farther and farther behind. Grace is really enjoying one of our review products with Micro Business for Teens. She took two different surveys to the Cooperative and a small business owner in town about her ideas for her own micro business. Progeny Press is another review we are doing with the reading of Anne of Green Gables and their study guide. I really want us to watch the movie here soon. She did as a young child but doesn't remember seeing it. This is our second time reading the book but still enjoying it immensely. We went back to our Middle Ages study and learned about John of Lackland and Louis the IX. Grace finished module 5 in the General Science book and continued with her Japanese studies.
In other news I finally visited the GI and they have schedule and endoscopic exam for May 28th. I would appreciate your prayers for the procedure and any news that they may give me from the exam. My acid reflux isn't severe right now but it is always there kind of waiting to break into a bad episode.
Trim Healthy Mama is going great and now I have caught up with Grace. We weigh the exact number and have each lost 6 pounds. It doesn't even really feel like we are on a diet. Exercise has really fallen through the cracks though because it is end of the semester with Cooperative which means lots of extra practices, recital night, spring formal, and so on. This coming week is full of practices and such. In about three weeks we get to slow down some.

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As He Leads is Joy said...

The favors look nice. It sounds like a busy week for you.