Sunday, April 20, 2014

THM Macafoni - Kind of Like Mac and Cheese

Since starting THM one thing my daughter has really missed is the old Mac and Cheese box for a side. I whipped out my trusty THM cookbook and started looking for something that might satisfy her. On pg. 359 is a recipe that replaces the pasta with cauliflower. I tweaked the recipe a bit and turned it into a baked Macafoni dish. I took some of my Joseph's Bread and put small pieces in my new coffee grinder to make bread crumbs to go on the top. I actually baked this one last night and put in the fridge. Today after church we took it to my sisters for lunch and just about all of it was gone. To me and my daughter it tastes more like a cheddar potato dish than macaroni. That is okay though because we like both. Who would have though we would be eating broccoli and cauliflower every week and actually enjoying it.

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