Monday, April 28, 2014

Trim Healthy Mama Post - What To Do When You Are Too Busy To Cook Dinner

The end of each semester is always crazy busy for us as a homeschooling family. Not only are we trying to wrap up the school year ( not happening - math and science throughout the summer) but we are usually wrapping up all the Cooperative performances and business for the year as well. The next two weeks are intense with recitals, drama practices and performances and cleaning up the church areas we use. This week I knew I wouldn't be home three nights to cook meals. In the past this wasn't a big deal - fast food to the rescue, but now on THM the fast food meals are a no no. We allow ourselves one meal out a week with our weekly splurge of French fries.

This meant three hours in the kitchen yesterday afternoon preparing some ready made meals for the family. Frozen burritos from this link on pinterest. Hubby and Grace will eat those tonight. Hopefully they like them.

I also prepared some salmon patties (crabby patties) from the THM recipes in the book. We ate some last night and froze the others for later. Hubby loved them, Grace tolerated them, and I didn't really like them. Of course that was the first time I had tried any type of salmon.
My mine point is on this plan of eating you need to be prepared. Eating at home is so much easier and healthier for you.

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Kate said...

I completely understand this post! (I also don't like salmon too! lol)

Planning and doing things in advance (and using the crockpot too!) help me a lot.