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TOS Review - Supercharged Science - e-Science Premium Membership

Supercharged eScience Review
I don't know about you, but science really isn't my cup of tea. Now don't get me wrong, I love teaching nature studies, animals, and life science. What I don't understand or enjoy teaching is all the other stuff like physical science and chemistry. I didn't take those in high school or college and I am severely lacking in knowledge in those areas. Luckily there are other avenues for a parent like me to pursue and one of those avenues came up for review. The TOS Review Crew and Supercharged Science gave me the opportunity to review e-Science Premium Membership. We were given a six-month online subscription to use and review.
Supercharged eScience Review
Let's start with the basics:
Age recommendations are K-12th grade
Pricing for K-8 Level Plan is $37.00 a month
Pricing for K-12 Level Plan is $57.00 a month
Currently Supercharged Science is offering a Special $1.00 Deal for one month of activities.
In the beginning the Supercharged Science website can be a little overwhelming. Mainly because there are so many science topics, videos, and experiments to choose from. For the review I had about twenty different topics to pick from for us to study. We put away our regular science curriculum for the year to put our full focus on this program. I looked in the remainder of our textbook and matched up a couple of the topics we had not yet studied to what Supercharged Science had available. Before I delve into our experience with the product let's learn a little bit about the program and its creator.
Aurora is the creator and instructor of what your child will be watching and learning. Ten years ago she decided to create a science program that kids could really get excited about. Aurora is a real rocket scientist that actually worked for NASA. She has many degrees and experience with teaching adults and children.
Currently this program has over 1000 videos available to watch. The best way for me to explain how this program works is to take you through what we did. First we chose a topic - Earth Science, Geology to be specific. I printed out the downloadable files that include a shopping list for supplies, vocabulary list, text reading and lessons, instructions for the experiments and exercises. Grace read through the lesson then answered the questions that followed. Next she got to do the fun stuff. I bought a small kit with all the tools and supplies we would need to identify different rocks and minerals. We have had a stash of rocks/minerals sitting around for years waiting just for this type of lesson. Below you will see some of the experiments we performed. Before we did each experiment Grace watched the corresponding available video.
Sorting rocks to identify

Mohs' Hardness Testing

Penny Crystal Structure

Salt and Vinegar Crystal Experiment
The next unit/topic we picked was a life science unit delving into the intricacies of a cell. Again I downloaded and printed everything we would need. We watched all the videos about cells on the site. Lastly we decided to create a 3D model of a cell to help solidify the parts of a cell into Grace's mind.
On the site you will find lots of information to get you started as well as answering frequently asked questions. Below you will find other attractive incentives for using this program:
It is a safe online environment for kids to use. No links to take you to other sites. All the information you need is there already.
Kids can go on site and learn on their own without a parent needed to help. Self-guided learning at its best.
Step by step videos showing you how to perform the experiments as well as in printed form.
Teacher and parent guides
Exercises and Quizzes
Unlimited support. Just send an email with your questions or problem and get a fast response.
This online program is meant to be a complete science program for each grade level.
We enjoyed the flexibility of the program. Any type of homeschooler could us this program. An unschooling or interested led family might let a child move through the website and pick topics/videos/experiments that interest them. A family that homeschools in a more structured way could us this as a complete program going through each grade level at a time. Also students looking for great science project ideas have a plethora of choices. Another great way to use this program would be as a supplement to your current textbook or curriculum. Pick out the experiments/videos that match up to your chapter and it would be a perfect compliment. There is no way to cover everything this online science website and program has to offer in one review. That is why you need to be sure and visit many of the other TOS Reviews for this product to get a broad overview of how it can be used. Be sure to check out Supercharged Science for yourself and see everything you can learn about science through fun hands on experiments and videos.
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Sandra said...

Great review Diane. Thanks. Miss 13 isn't retaining as much of her current science topics - cells and genetics - as I'd hoped. This could The $1 trial offer will be perfect since I can see if a different approach helps. I'm heading over to sign up now.

FlyLady Di said...

Rocks and minerals is right where I am in my Science right now, too! I envy you your specimen collection! I don't have a lot of the ones that would make the experiments seem worthwhile, like flint and sulfer, reactive minerals, you know? Nor many colorful specimens. But we've certainly been having fun...