Sunday, April 27, 2014

Our Cooperative's First Spring Formal 2014

Last night was our Cooperative's first try at an annual spring formal. With about 25 kids in attendance, it went off without a hitch. We were able to pick up an entire ensemble for Grace to wear for around 60 dollars. Thanks Plato's Closet. All the kids went as a group with no dates. My sister surprised Grace with a wrist corsage before the formal.

Believe it or not just about everyone danced. We had more girls than guys but the guys really came through and asked all the girls to dance multiple times. As you can tell from the photos we had a very rustic but incredibly beautiful setting for the formal. Our theme was Country Carnival. I had some friends from church that offered us a barn on their property for the formal. It worked out perfectly.

This was a first formal for Grace and first time dancing with a partner.

We also had lots of group dances and group games to play.

What's formal without dancing to YMCA!
We love these kids and families so much! They make everything we do fun! Great memories and can't wait to do it again next year!

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LJS said...

I love the setting. A barn and a formal is just so perfect! It looks like such a fun time!