Sunday, April 20, 2014

Journey to Jerusalem

About every other year our church holds a Journey to Jerusalem Event on Good Friday. So far about half of them it has rained the entire time. That doesn't slow us down though. Just about everything was moved inside, even the camel. This year Grace and her friend were old enough to man a vendor booth in the market place. Since both took pottery this semester they decided to have a pottery booth and make pinch pots with the kids.

This year I partnered with another church member and we did the pomegranate juice booth as well as dates, figs, and fig newtons for the kids.

We even had a King Herod in his palace that hosted a feast of food for all the visitors.

A church member donated the money to bring in a camel. This guy is just a year old and his name was Josiah. Very friendly and oh so soft to pet. One of the keepers had a baby Lemur on her neck the whole time and the other keeper had a baby kangaroo in a pouch. There were also petting zoo animals outside under a roofed area due to the rain. All the animals were from North Georgia Zoo and Petting Farm. Very nice folks with very nice animals. They do wolf, camel, kangaroo, reptile, and otter encounters. We are definitely going there soon to visit.

This is a picture I took right before the event started. As you can see we set up a market place. All the children an adults were given gold coins upon admittance to spend at the vendors. Plus there were thieves and beggars all trying to get the gold coins. Roman centurions were patrolling the area and we even had Pontius Pilate with his wife strolling through the market place.

This was just one of three tables of food laid out for the visitors to King Herod's palace. Lots of good food. Me and Grace were very good and didn't partake in the sweets. They did have grilled chicken wings which is on plan and Grace had some of those.
We had a great turn out from the community even with all the rain. Lots of my cooperative families attended as well. At the end of the event our pastor playing Jesus came through the crowd to collect his 12 fishers of men and they went to partake in a living Lord's supper that everyone else could participate in as well. A couple of the events didn't happen because of the rain like making the earth quake, the cross walk, and visiting the empty tomb. Regardless it was a wonderful night.

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