Monday, April 14, 2014

Happenings Around The Old Homestead

Trim Healthy Mama is still going great. Grace has lost five pounds in 10 days and I have lost 3 1/2. Deli-meat roll ups was our snack this afternoon. I found a real great thing we love around the house granola made with stevia and is wheat free. This way of eating has introduced us to some new things we either haven't tried or liked in the past. Two night ago we had quinoa with our chicken and last night roasted green beans and broccoli.

This morning the drama group finished up most of the set painting and building. Grace isn't performing in Fiddler on the Roof but she is responsible for make-up and helping paint the set.

Funny story, but only funny because no one got hurt. Last week when it was raining I was going to the church to pick up Grace from another set painting session. In the distance I spotted what looked like a black cat crossing the street. Of course if it was a cat it would be across the street by the time I reached it. Well, low and behold it was a huge snapping turtle taking his sweet time crossing the street. I braked hard and the lady behind me with rain as an incentive ran into the back of me. Reminder to self, next time run over the turtle. Of course it was very big and looked just like a tortoise from the zoo.

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