Saturday, April 12, 2014

Trim Healthy Mama After One Week

I received my book on Tuesday and have been furiously reading through it trying to grasp all the concepts to put the entire plan into motion. One morning this week I made the cinnamon bun cake in a mug with cream cheese frosting for breakfast. Yum! I'm telling you the cake and muffin in mug recipes are pure brilliance. Grace likes them too but this week has been hard for her because on Monday she got an orthodontic appliance put in her mouth and eating has been painful and super slow for her. Yesterday things started finally turning around for her.

This morning I made the pancake recipe and some yogurt on the side with a sprinkling of granola. Typical granola is not on plan. I actually found some granola at Whole Foods that is made with stevia and oat flour. So excited about this one because I love granola as a snack, etc. The syrup is also not on plan. I chose to use IHOP sugar free because I am not a purist.

This is my second try at skinny chocolate with a little peanut butter thrown in the mix. So much better than the first and I learned from the online group to set in some type of container (I chose an ice cube tray). We did eat out twice this week because of crazy schedule and many doctor appointments. Tried to eat on plan when eating out and only failed one night when I had French fries. Even with a couple of slip ups and not completely on plan Grace lost 4 pounds and I lost 3. It is truly changing your way of eating lifestyle kind of diet. It really doesn't even feel like a diet. When Grace sat down to eat a sandwich in her Joseph's pita today, she said "I can eat like this on a diet?". I said you can on this one. Her stomach has shrunk some this week because of the mouth situation and I never thought I would hear myself saying ,"You need to eat more at each meal to make this work."

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