Friday, July 27, 2012

With All The Craziness We started Back To School Yesterday

Many of you know that my dad had surgery on Monday and came home Wednesday evening. Well  yesterday and today have been tough. My dad can't seem to function. Examples: just started feeding himself today but still needs help, unable to stand and has no upper body strength, not able to get out of bed into wheel chair with 1-2 men lifting him, going to the bathroom on his own, and so much more. The family is still considering sending him to rehab for a couple of weeks to get his stamina and strength back. We do feel that he might lapse into a deep depression if we do this and just give up. So we are going to try things through the weekend and see where we are on Monday. Monday he will receive a hospital bed and his physical and occupational therapy will start on Tuesday. So during all of this me and Grace decided to start back to school. For the past 6 weeks we have been reviewing educational products and it already kind of felt like school. Plus Grace was getting bored, so hot outside, that we decided to take the plunge. Slow go is our motto at the moment. The past couple of days have consisted of geography, science, language lessons, reading, review work for TOS, and a following directions workbook (she has many problems in this area). Next week I hope to add in logic and American history, then the following week we will add in math. Some outside of the home classes start on August 14th and August 30th. Also can't wait to get in Vintage Remedies for Tweens and start concocting some of our own remedies. Please continue to pray for my family as we go through this trying time, that God will give us all wisdom in the decisions we need to make and that dad's recovery will go as smoothly as possible.

Fran - I am going to send you to a good company website to get an idea about lapbooking, it will explain it so much better than I. Go to In The Hands of a Child to check out lapbooking.


Karen said...

Praying for your Dad Diane. I know how hard it can be to have a sick parent. Glad to know you were able to get 'back to school' with all that is going on. Hugs.

Eddie said...

I feel for you. Having a parent who's ill is stressful in many ways. My mum has been ill for almost a decade now and it's really taken a toll on her spirits as well as her physical strangth. Hope your dad is doing much better very soon.