Friday, July 13, 2012

Last Child In The Woods Chapters 15,16, and 17

Here are some of the items I found interesting in the three chapters:

  • The fact that PETA was campaigning for no fishing. Standing outside of schools and handing out literature to children about how bad it was to fish. What is the world coming to when a family can't enjoy fishing.
  • The need to train young persons in wildcrafting. This is an art that is very quickly dying out. 
  • What Finland is doing correctly in there educational system. Finland does not require students to attend school until 7 years of age. They offer no special programs for the gifted, and spends less money per student than the United States. Finish educators believe in the power of play (I am assuming mostly in elementary and primary grades - although the book didn't state specifics). Lessons are worked on for 45 minutes and then 15 minutes the children are allowed to run and play to blow off some steam. A substantial amount of learning has been moved to natural settings or in to the community.
  • I also liked reading the information about Ecoschools and Farm Schools. I think the idea of Farm Schools is very unique and could benefit very many students out there in the system that are don't fit into the "school type" mold. Not to mention that the farmers are dying out and not many young people are taking up the challenge to continue with family farming. What will are nation do when enough food is not grown or I should say enough chemical free foods.
  • There was one quote from chapter 16 that really stuck with me,"An environment-based education movement - at all levels of education - will help students realize that school isn't supposed to be a polite form of incarceration, but a portal to the wider world".

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Nicole said...

I'm still reading. Probably won't get my post up until sometime tomorrow. But, I have found myself doing the "Finnish" thing with my kids this summer. We do an assignment or "set" of assignments, then play, then another "set", then play