Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Two New Obsessions

Okay I have two new obsessions. I am little slow on jumping on the band wagon with this first:

Pinterest is my new best friend. Love looking at all the art journaling pages, homemade gift ideas, etc.  Next new obsession is art journaling.

Used watercolors and a template from Pinterest.
This is in colored pencils - a poem about caterpillars for the kids  in my art journaling class.

As far as art goes I am not very talented or creative. But when I agreed to teach an art class in the fall for 3rd - 6th grades I knew I need to step outside of my box and get to work. So each night me and Grace sit down and either do a journal page or an index card for the ICAD challenge. We have actually had alot of fun with it so far. Hoping I improve over time. In years gone by I did alot of scrapbooking which has prepared me a little for the art journaling process. I do want to learn more techniques to improve my pages. 


Fran said...

Pinterest is such good fun and great for all sorts of ideas xxx

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

It certainly is a great way to bookmark ideas. You could spend hours going thru others pages. :)

Karen said...

Hey I am on Pinterest. Follow me Homeschoolgrls and I will follow you back. I have an Art Journal board plus I am always looking for new ideas. :)