Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What Happened Yesterday

Let me start with some background history. Almost 30 years ago my dad went in for intestinal surgery and ended up staying in ICU for 3 months. Immediately following surgery he starting throwing blood clots in his legs and had to endure more surgeries to try and blow them out with a balloon type procedure. In the process he lost his right leg right above the knee and his left big toe. During that whole process a lung collapsed, kidneys shut down, and had a heart attack. It took him a long time to recuperate and was never really the same again. Fast forward to yesterday, he was scheduled for surgery to remove an aneurysm in his abdomen (we were told this is very common in older men). A 1-2 hour procedure turned into five hours. When the surgeon began he quickly discovered that dad had so much blockage in his stump that he was at the point of losing his right kidney and the remainder of the amputated leg. Only 5 percent of blood flow in his right side for who knows how long. Very long and complicated procedure to remove everything. Once he was put in a room in the later afternoon the nurse could not find a pulse on the top of his left foot (they must check every 15 minutes for so many hours following surgery) which sent my mom back into flashbacks of 30 years ago. The doctor was called in and he found the pulse immediately. Over the past two years dad had started with high blood pressure which now we know came from the blockages leading to his kidney. The doctor thinks that now he may be able to go off the medication because the kidney will be working properly. Dad is slowly recovering from this surgery which the doctor himself said was a real ordeal on his body. He may actually be able to come home late tomorrow. Please pray for continued recovery and to be able to function at home.  


Fran said...

I will pray for your Dad and hope that he recovers soon. It is worrying when your parents are ill xxx

mommyx12 said...

You must be so worried. I will definitely pray for him and hope he will be home soon.


Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

Your dad is in my thoughts and prayers as is your entire family. I know how hard it must be for all of you.