Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Some New Things Around The House

For the time being we are putting fixing the stove on hold and my parents gifted us with a really nice toaster oven. This baby can do just about anything a regular stove can do. This is a kitchenaid model that can bake cookies, muffins, 12inch pizzas, chicken, roast, and casseroles. It has a broil setting and toasting, as well as warming and defrosting. This morning I baked biscuits and they turned out better than normal.

Grace's favorite thing in the world to eat is french fries and potato chips. Whenever she is hungry for a snack she always wants to reach for chips. Finally she has come to the conclusion to start picking healthier snack items. Top photo has pistachios, granola bars, Asian snack mix, and a granola and nut mix. 
Fruit is always available and hopefully she will start choosing more of these also. The past week she ate salad two nights and rice with one dinner choice which is a huge accomplishment on her part. Also as always trying to incorporate more exercise into our week.

Today at the office store this cork board was 1/2 price. We got it for $7.00. Tonight hanging this in Grace's room to display more of her artwork.


Fran said...

I am going to come to eat at yours one day! Your food always looks and sounds to interesting and yummy! Xxx

Staci at Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

I continue to hear people rave about the toaster ovens. I just haven't purchased one. Did you ever get a grain mill? Curious if you did, what you think of it.