Friday, July 27, 2012

School House Teachers - TOS Review

I have been a fan of the Old Schoolhouse magazine for years. Always looking forward to the articles of encouragement, teaching, and product reviews. Now TOS has supplied us with so much more through their new website School House Teachers. To review the entire website is close to impossible. So many possibilities for the teacher of each family to choose from. The choices include: Career Exploration, Chemistry, College Choice Guidance, Economics, Figures in History, Filmmaking, Geography, High School Math, History, Home Economics, Lapbooking, Literature, Music-Voice, Reading Lessons, Special Needs, Technology, and Writing. Also available are School House Dailies: Daily Grammar, Math, Writing, Ditch the Desk, Everyday Easels, Everyday Explorers-Canada, Everyday Explorers-USA, Pre-K Activities, Summer Shakespeare, This Day in History, and This Month's Menu. School House Extras: The Old Schoolhouse Magazine, TOS Back Issues, Free E-book, Schoolhouse Expo, and Schoolhouse Planners. Also included is the Schoolhouse Library with Copybooks, Homeschool Life, Monthly Themes, Reading Lists, Lesson Archives, Art Shelf, Craft Shelf, Homemaking and Housekeeping Shelf, Nature Shelf, and Spelling Shelf.

As you can see from the above categories, there is something for everyone. Lessons for preschool, elementary, middle and high school are included. Everyday new lessons, review, and studies can be found. For the purposes of this review our family concentrated on three areas: Everyday Easels, Grammar Review, and Music-Voice. We choose a study about Grandma Moses from Everyday Easels. A biography was provided with a writing lesson as well as recreating one of her pieces through painting and a home economics project of cooking apple butter. The next two weeks we worked on the music lessons which included singers, songwriters, and composers through the years. Everyday we worked on a daily review worksheet from the grammar review. Grace really enjoyed the art and music lessons and learned a lot about Grandma Moses.

Some of the items that I enjoyed as a parent include obviously the digital magazine, the monthly free e-book, and the school house planners. I am really looking forward to the Schoolhouse Expo coming this month. There is so much included on this website a family could easily use it for the entire curriculum. I am looking forward to whatever they many continue to add to the website in the future. This would be a great tool for new homeschoolers, all lessons at your fingertips for a very small price. All you need is the internet, a membership, and a printer. I whole-heartedly recommend this website to all homeschoolers for at the very least, review work and extra studies to enhance the curriculum you already use.

The first month's membership is just $1.00 then it will only go up to $5.95 a month. Nobody can beat that price. Please visit School House Teachers for more information.

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Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, received this product at no cost to me in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine.



Fran said...

Excuse my ignorance, but what is lapbooking please? How is your Dad? xxxx

Eddie said...

We absolutely loved the site. I could have saved a fortune over the years with something like this, despite my curriculum-junkie tendencies.