Saturday, March 12, 2011

What a Great Night

Today was all about preparing for a game night at our house for middle and high school girls from our homeschool group. Two of Grace's friends were unable to make it due to illness. But we still had 7 girls in attendance. To start the night off right we had home made pizza and dessert. Boy those girls could really put the food away. After dinner we dove right in to the games. Grace and two other girls played a few hands of UNO and then Herd Your Horses. I was roped in to playing Apples to Apples with the remainder of the girls. Once we had played a couple of rounds with all the laughter going on the other group decided they wanted to play too. Grace's group couldn't stand it a moment longer, they wanted to get in on the fun. So for three hours I had 8 preteen and teen girls in my home for dinner and games. It all went really well and Grace had a great time. We are planning on this being a monthly event.

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The Zoo Keeper said...

Julia had a great time! Looking forward to getting together this week. I can't ever work again. We wouldn't be able to do our weekly get together.