Friday, March 25, 2011

Lots Accomplished Today

Spent most of the day off with a great friend and her kids. Went to the big library and got some great books for me and Grace. Will share a list soon when I do a what's on my nightstand to read kind of post. Right now I will tell you that I am reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and throughly enjoying it. Some of the other stops along the way were Goodwill, lunch at Chickfila, Kohl's, and Sams. Couldn't find much at Goodwill except a pair of jeans shorts for Grace. Visited Kohl's for white tights for Grace's Alice costume. Sams was a trip me and my friend planned for a while to stock up on some items for the pantry. When I got there I was pretty shell shocked, could only find about 10 items that we would really use. I was hoping to find flour, sugar, etc. in 25 - 50 lb bags. I did find it but it was all bleached flour. Haven't used that in a long time. Probably going to have to purchase from some company online. Any recommendations of companies would be welcomed. Also went to the produce store this afternoon. Once we got home had to get the dough rising for dinner to make homemade pizza. Also noticed that I received an email for a used book sale I will be involved with in May and they sent me a bar code reader download to make everything work faster. Boy did it. Last year it took me forever to get everything together for the used book sale, this time 45 minutes. Print the bar code and tape to the item. Pretty great. Now my engine is running low and can't wait to go to bed. Another early morning tommorrow to help at church for a community breakfast.


All American x5 said...

You should try Azure STandard.

They are a food co-op of sorts.

You have to call azure and see if they have a drop point in your area, then you place an order and once a month they drop it at some point on their route.

They also ship stuff but the shipping is very expensive because you are buying in bulk.

Worth a try.

Diane said...

All American,
Funny you should mention Azure, I received a catalog from them in the mail today. They do not have any drop off points in the state of GA so I would have to get it shipped. Weighing all my options before making any decisions, but thanks for the advice.

The Zoo Keeper said...

Had fun too! Let me know when the used book sale is that's close to home.