Friday, March 4, 2011

Medieval Times

Today we attended a very special field trip. One that was expensive but well worth the trip. A couple of months ago Tonya Prater from emailed me to let me know she was heading up a field trip to Medieval Times in Atlanta and wondered if we were interested in attending. For a few reasons I said definitely: I really wanted to meet Tonya (love her blog and reading about all her adventures), we really had not taken a big field trip this year and felt it was time, and we have just started reading about the Middle Ages so it seemed a perfect fit. This morning we awoke early and drove in to Gwinnett County about 1 hour and 15 minutes from our home to meet Tonya and her group. Tonya was very nice and looked just like her photo.
Photos were not so easy to take because of the dark lighting throughout the foyer of the castle and inside the stadium. Sorry for the bad quality.
The above photo is of something quite unexpected; an Eurasian Eagle Owl. I could only get a picture of the back of him. He was born in captivity and can only be found in certain parts of the world like Europe and Mongolia. He weighs 9 lbs. That is one big owl and he was quite beautiful. She also had a Falcon that performs in the show.
Grace kept repeating to me over and over during the show "This is Awesome"!

Because of the movement and lighting, some of the photos didn't turn out well.
We were seated in the blue section; therefore, we cheered for the blue knight. Unfortunately he did not win the competition.
Halfway during the show a dancing horse performed for us. Very beautiful and graceful. Such a great time we had, so glad we went.


Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

I can not believe that you posted this already! Wow, you are quick! I stopped by to get the link to your blog and there it was! lol Your pictures turned out better than mine-- I forgot my camera at home. :( My daughter did take pictures but it will take her awhile to send them to me.

I did wonder what kind of owl that was-- I'd missed the name. The falcon in the show was one of my favorite parts of the program-- that and the dancing horse. Loved that!

It was great to meet you and Grace. I hope we'll be able to do more together in the future.


Leslie said...

We have never been to one of these either. Looks like a lot of fun! So glad y'all were able to go.