Friday, March 25, 2011

Classes Outside of the Home

Grace mentioned to me today that she would like to be a part of some classes that don't involve me being around. I could get my feelings hurt, but she is growing up and wants some independence. Next year we are considering alot of classes/activities outside of the home that I would not teach. She will continue with drama and will be moving up into the high school drama class for 7th grade and up. Unfortunately I am a co-teacher in the drama classes so she is just stuck with me. But there are some other choices on the horizon. Actually so many choices that I wander if I will be over scheduling her. Grace's head drama teacher also teaches classes out of her home. This year some interesting stuff is being offered. I really wanted her to take the conversational Spanish class that would take place two mornings a week and a tone chimes/music class once a week in the afternoon. Last year a Grace took a pottery class that she enjoyed at the same location but mainly they did pottery that they built. This year a new pottery class will include working on the wheel and I know she doesn't want to miss out on that. Now to add to the mix is a possible drawing class that will be available two days a month. All of these above mentioned classes Grace would be on her own without me around. So the run down looks like this:

Drama one afternoon a week
Conversational Spanish two mornings a week
Drawing Class one afternoon every other week (twice a month)
Tone Chimes/Music one afternoon a week
Pottery one afternoon a week but will only be for a certain length of time like 8 weeks

After fitting in all of these classes I then have to fit in her work at home for History, Science, Language Arts, Math, Bible and a possibly Geography.


Blossom said...

Sometimes outside classes are nice :) We have co-op once a week for nine weeks and I enjoy it. I'm grateful however that we don't have more -or co-op more often! I am not sure I'd be able to schedule it all in.
Sounds like she has a lot of opportunities available :)

The Zoo Keeper said...

I see lots of driving in your future!