Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Study of Food

To continue our study of gardening and food, I picked up a few new books about food from the library. The book we will add first is The History of Food. This book has five chapters consisting of canning, pasteurization, refrigeration, supermarkets, and genetically modified foods. I will have her read a chapter then write a couple of paragraphs in her Science notebook of what she learned.
Got this book because Grace just loves looking through it. What The World Eats is broken down into various countries around the world. Each entry starts with a picture of a family from that country with all the food on their table that they will eat in a week. The next page breaks down the costs, what types of food are eaten, what condiments are used, fast food, etc. Some of the countries included are Turkey, Poland, Mongolia, Mexico, Egypt, Ecuador, Great Britain, and so many more.
The last book I am adding to our study is Food For Thought The Stories Behind The Things We Eat. This book is in chapters about a handful of fruits and vegetables, their origins and how they came to be. Again I will have Grace read a chapter and then write a couple of paragraphs in her Science journal.

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