Friday, March 18, 2011

Grace's New Anime Characters

Grace is still deeply entrenched in the whole manga/anime world. She is currently using her writing time each day to write a story and feverishly illustrating characters both for the book and just for fun.


The Zoo Keeper said...

These are really cute! She's doing such a nice job.

Heidi said...

These look great! My daughter was enjoying anime quite a bit last year and I still find doodles around. I'll show her Grace's drawings.

Blossom said...

Oh, you got my daughters attention! Great drawings :)

Life At Cobble Hill Farm said...

She's got amazing talent!!

Catherine said...

I showed these to my daughter, who loves anime and manga. Her response: "Those are crazy good!" She commented that the figures are all well-proportioned and nicely shaded. She also said that your daughter might enjoy working with a program like Gimp (free!) to either scan in drawings and then color them or make the drawings from scratch. She then started talking about layers and all kinds of other stuff that was way over my head!! (BTW, Gimp is complicated at first, but there are good tutorials on YouTube.)

I hope she continues to enjoy her drawing - it's clear that she's got some talent!


Diane said...

Grace does use Gimp periodically as well as paint. Loves to draw her characters on the computer. She is wishing for a sketch pad for the computer at birthday time.

K said...

Love the pictures, my Manga-loving daughter is well impressed too :-)
Kara x