Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Little Bit of Gardening Anyone?

Here are marigolds and 4 strawberry plants that we will take down to the big garden on Monday morning to plant.
Impatiens are my favorite flower. This past Fall we moved all the containers to the back of the house and they are a little heavy. Will need hubby to help move them and we need to take down the other chicken pen to make more room for them.
Here are strawberry plants coming back from last year. I had alot of trouble last year with the squirrels eating my strawberries right when it was time to pick them. We live surrounded by woods with lots of squirrels. These plants will be transplanted down in the big garden on Monday also. I am hoping that being in a big open field the squirrels will leave them alone for fear of hawks swooping down to get them. But we will have to worry about the bears, raccoons, etc. trying to eat them.
Last but not least Grace would not let me leave the nursery without her picking out two plants for herself to take care of on the front deck. One is a gerber daisy and the other I am having trouble remembering.

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The Zoo Keeper said...

Looks like fun! Where'd you get everything? I didn't see the yellow marigolds at Lowe's. Gerber daisies are so pretty.