Thursday, March 24, 2011

Around Our Homestead

In the Garden - Hubby went down to the big garden and planted onions, peppers, sunflowers, and peas. It is kind of a community garden down there and all the families except one were there also doing their planting. Once we put in our cucumbers, melons, and tomatoes I think our space will be used up.

With the Chickens - After all the praising I did about the plastic eggs in the nesting boxes and how great they worked ... well, two days ago someone started laying eggs again up in the roosting area. Also Mr. Rooster decided to try and attack my last night when I was replacing the water.

Playtime - Went to a friend's house today for a playdate. Kids spent the day outside and us moms stayed inside to talk and catch up. Much fun was had by all.

School - Good school day. In math we started learning about adding and subtracting integers. Grace is actually understanding this more than fractions, decimals and long division. Go figure.

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The Zoo Keeper said...

Oh yeah! A good math day! Wooooo hooooo!