Friday, March 11, 2011

Movie From Netflix - What's on your Plate

Grace and myself watched a live streaming documentary from Netflix today that we enjoyed. In Science as many of you already know we are studying gardening/plants. The movie I chose for us to watch today, "What's On Your Plate", was created by a couple of middle school girls with their families. The girls live in one of the inner cities of New York. One of the girls went on vacation in Ohio and tasted a cherry tomato from a farm and couldn't believe how wonderful it tasted. The thought process started about why the tomatoes she ate at home didn't taste as good. This kickstarted an entire process of learning about how food is transported, eating locally, obesity, organic gardening, CSAs, what ingredients are in our foods, etc. I thought the documentary was well thought out and enjoyable to watch. After viewing the film Grace's mindset was really changed about what food she put in her mouth. This afternoon it prompted a visit to the local produce store to purchase grapes, pears, apples, bananas, carrots, avocados, and baby spinach. She has already eaten a carrot and apple and plans on a pear for snack tonight. I hope this continues. I told her after the movie that I wished we had a local CSA or farmer's market to attend. Then I stopped myself and remembered in a couple of months our garden will be our very own farmer's market, it just won't cost us anything.

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Frances said...

I will be looking for this documentary. It sounds really good.