Saturday, March 12, 2011

Decisions About History For Next Year

I am in a real pickle about what to use for history next year. We worked through the first two volumes of The Story of the World this year and have really enjoyed them. I think Grace is getting alot from them. But we also wanted to start using the Ancient Egypt recommendations from Simply Charlotte Mason, otherwise we might night make it through the 6 year rotation. The plan was one week do a couple of chapters from The Story of the World and the next week work through our materials for Ancient Egypt. Well, now a third group of materials have entered the arena to consider. The top picture is of a series being carried by A Living History of Our World looks like a perfect CM friendly study of American History. There is a student journal that can be purchased separately for narration writings, vocabulary, geography, etc. Now I am thinking maybe to use The Story of the World Volume 3 and A Living History of Our World Volume 1 (American History) one week of each for 7th grade. Then in 8th grade I can do half a year of Ancient Egypt and half a year of Ancient Greece which will keep us on the 6 year history rotation. If anyone has any thoughts about this, I would appreciate your point of view. The Story of the World photo is credited to A Living History of Our World is credited to

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I had fun yesterday! I'm going to spend most of today baking and sewing. Also going to get my cabbage and lettuce to plant. Your tray had completely soaked all the water up yesterday!