Monday, March 28, 2011

Thoughts of Summer Schooling

About two years ago I had discussed with Grace and hubby about trying to work toward a year around school. Of course that didn't go over to well with Grace. There are so many things that I want to teach her that the regular school year just doesn't seem like enough time, especially when you already have an individual who has problems in math and spelling. But as this summer rolls around I also feel that I need a break from teaching. I have been racking my brain for a compromise. Something popped into my head today while folding laundry. I have told Grace yet, but she will just have to play along. I am the adult here. On days off from school Grace tends to gravitate to anything electronic. Computer, DS, Video games, TV with other things thrown in like drawing, reading and playing with friends. Here my idea on incorporating some school during the summer without her really thinking much about it. I will create a list of activities for her to choose from each day before being allowed electronic time. She will need to pick three activities each day. Of course if we have fun plans to go somewhere or hang out with friends, it will not apply. I should also mention that she cannot pick the same three activities each day with the exception of one can always be reading or listening to an audio book, everything else will need to be different each day. I plan on picking up a couple of fun things at the convention in May to keep her occupied over the summer to add to this list. She will also be attending a couple of summer day camps (anime and arts camps). So far this is my list:

  • Listen to audio book 30 minutes

  • Read for 30 minutes

  • Work in garden

  • Draw 30 minutes something other than anime

  • paint with watercolors

  • Listen to mom read aloud for 30 minutes

  • Go to library and find a subject to research and read about

  • Crafts, jewelry making, etc.

  • Work on a puzzle

  • Play a boardgame

  • Go through review cards

  • Go on a walk

  • Go on a Hike

  • Go to river and swim

  • Create with legos for 30 minutes

  • Watch a documentary with mom or dad

  • Home Ec activity
I am hoping this will cut down on some of the vegging in front of the television time. If anyone out there has more ideas to add to the list, please let me know.


Debbie S. said...

These are some great ideas. I know what you mean - my 12 year old tends to want to play with anything electronic or watch TV also. I have often wanted to just add Art or Science experiments - things that we don't seem to have time for during the year.

Museum tours would be good too.

The Zoo Keeper said...

If I mention anything about summer school, my kids will go nuts! I'll have to be a little undercover about it. Maybe a little special ops mission...Nathan will like that!