Thursday, March 10, 2011

This Week's Happenings

Monday and Tuesday - Mostly school and drama practice. Drama practice is becoming more intense, we only have 6 more practices before performance of Alice in Wonderland.

Wednesday - Rain. Lots of rain. I think it was predicted that we would recieve 2-3 inches of rain, and it certainly felt like it. Despite the bad weather we still went to Gainesville with my mother for lunch and a little shopping. Twice a year my mother likes to buy each grand child a few pieces of clothing for the new season. Grace decided to take the day off from school and make it up on Saturday. Saturday we will be doing school so we won't lose a day for the week.Had a great lunch out and a trip to game stop where Grace purchased a 6 dollar game with her money for the playstation 2. She is all about Sonic right now. We also visited Michaels to purchase something for the chickens. Chickens you say, what in the world would you need from a craft store to purchase for the chickens. We have had problems with the chickens not wanting to lay their eggs in the nesting boxes. I read in multiple locations that if you put one wooden or plastic egg in each nesting box it will entice the hens to lay in the box. Sure enough one hen laid in the box yesterday and a different hen laid in the box this morning. Isn't that cool.

Thursday - Today was all about school. History (more medieval history), Science (continue garden unit), Literature (started a new book - Ella Enchanted), Math (learned a new concept with dividing decimals), Bible (read a story about missionaries of the past, Bible Study about the followers of Jesus, read two Bible stories from her action Bible), more test practice, and Greek. For me today was all about batch baking. Baked a pound cake which half was given to a neighbor for helping me with the dogs one day, granola bars - freezing half for a later date. Thinking about also baking some blondies just because they are my son's favorite. Still need to go out and clean the chicken coop and exercise tonight.

Things to look forward to this weekend: On Friday going to a friend's house to do a little co-op session about seeds, starting some tomato seeds to put in her green house and finishing up the last skirt we are sewing. Grace is looking so forward to Saturday even though she will have to do school in the morning. We invited about 10 girls from our homeschool group to come over for a game night and eat pizza. I of course will blog about all the above weekend events as they transpire.

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