Friday, February 4, 2011

What Science Looks Like In Our House - At Least For The Moment

First semester in science we were studying the human body through the Exploring Series by Jeannie Fulbright. Grace got a little burnt on on just studying the human body, so as many other homeschoolers do, we changed things up a bit. We will finish the remainder of the book next year as part of our science. I had some Ecology materials hanging around the house and decided to use them. So far we have reviewed some information about Producers, Consumer, decomposers, food webs/chains, and animal adaptions. Now we are moving on to Ecosystems and biomes. I am thinking over the next couple of weeks we will cover all the biomes with Bill Nye science videos, books from the library and some of the ecology materials I already have at home. So far Grace is participating and interested. We are doing this all in kind of notebook style, just creating a journal of all the information she is learning. Yesterday and today we studied the tundra and on Monday it will be the coniferous forest. After ecosystems will will move on to some Earth Science and if time permits before the end of the years we will squeeze in some Physical Science (which is my least favorite science).

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