Saturday, February 5, 2011

We Went To The Big City Today

We were all getting some cabin fever because of snow, cold and rain over the past month and figured it was time to venture a trip to the big city. Of course this big city isn't really a big city. Not like Atlanta or New York. But it does have lots of shopping entertainment. For those of you that have been following my spending habits don't fear - I really didn't go crazy and spend a crazy amount of money. While we were their looking around we came across something very interesting - a demonstration of sugar gliders from Pocket Pets. They were in the mall visiting from Florida, which is the home base of the company. They were educating people about sugar gliders as pets and selling them. Of course the minute Grace laid her eyes on these she really wanted one until we found out the price, $589.00 (that does include cage and supplies). She really thought this might be a possibility for her birthday. Yeah right, keep dreaming.
Of course can't go to the big mall and not go in to Barnes and Noble. I was very proud of myself when I went to the cashier with two items to purchase and they were both 75% off. January and February is the time to buy discounted calendars. I love the ones above because they are so educational. We decided on a Spanish word a day and a bird a day. I spent a total of $6.35 for them both, regularly priced at 12.99 each.

Last but not least the main reason I ventured to the big city was to purchase some fabric. Believe it or not we do not have a fabric store at all in our small town and the closest is actually about 45 minutes away. Last spring and summer I really wanted some casual, everyday skirts to wear. Low and behold there were none to be found anywhere. This year me and a friend decided to make our own. The four above fabrics are my choices. I will post photos after they are finished. All in all it was a great day spent with my mother and daughter and not too much money spent.

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Wendy said...

wow I love your choice of fabric!