Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Goals for the Year Updates

I haven't written about my two goals for a few weeks, bet you guys thought I had fallen off the wagon (so to speak). But actually everything is going really well. Exercising how just become a way of life now. I have read that it takes at least 2-4 weeks of doing something to actually make it a habit, and that does seem to be the case. Riding my bike at night has become a habit that I don't try to find excuses not to ride anymore. Also, since the weather has been so nice this week I am able to get out and walk/jog more. The jogging is coming slowly. One minute increments throughout the 30 minute walk. I would say that I am moving my body about 5 days out of 7. Grace is also still exercising and I can tell that she looks slimmer through the upper body and abdomen. Next week is my birthday and I will be receiving my new running shoes, so I will start in earnest my training for jogging. The very little spending plan is going fairly well also. I have found that this last two weeks has been easy to not go to the grocery store than the first two weeks were. If you remember I purchased big groceries almost two weeks ago and I have only made two stops for food (produce and milk mostly). But I truly feel that our monthly food budget is going to fall between $450 - 475.00 each month. This works out to about $120 - 125 a week. I really give kudos to the folks that can make it work on $50 - 80.00 a week in grocery money. Unfortunately my family just doesn't eat that way and I need to face it. I have raise them on processed food and it is just really hard to change those habits (but still trying). I am going to try to up the meatless meals to three times a week (hubby will not be thrilled). Made a new baked ziti recipe this week that had tons of different types of cheese in it (heart attack on a plate) and after he took a few bits he said it had a great flavor. I mentioned that next time I need to add a few more spices to it to enhance the flavor more and he joking said, "I think you just need to add a some Italian sausage". So, in other words he was really missing some meat in it.

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