Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Random Thoughts

  • The Electric Bill - Last month I told everyone how depressed I was that our power bill was 200.00 with us not using our electric heat hardly at all. This month's bill was better at 150.00. I think the big difference was November through the first part of January we experienced lower than average temps for Georgia. Without staying up all night to keep the stove burning, usually around 4 in the morning the heat would kick on until someone got up and restarted the fire. In the latter part of January and now February the temps are hanging in the high 20's and 30's at night, which helps.
  • The never ending saga of wood. Because of all the wood burning, hubby is really having to stay on top of the wood situation. We don't buy wood. Therefore, everything we burn comes from his place of business (wood that would be thrown out), fallen trees on our property and fallen wood on friend's property. Matter of fact hubby is out getting wood as we speak.
  • After watching many videos, etc. over the years I have finally decided to pull myself off of diet coke. I think I have been drinking it for 5-6 years. I have cut down on soda consumption to 1-2 glasses a day. Same for Grace. Hopefully this will not increase the weight factor.
  • School is going well this week. Of course that can always change at the drop of a hat.
  • Thinking alot about what I want to try and garden this year. I don't want to start from seeds because of the lack of sun on our property. I really want to find veggies already started that are not GMOs. I think I want to try alot of greens for us and the chickens, strawberries, cucumbers, potatoes, tomatoes, green peppers, and some herbs. Last year I gardened in containers on our front and back deck. It was a constant battle keeping the squirrels from eating the strawberries. Did I mention we live in a forest. This year I might have to invest in some netting to cover them.
  • Trying to decided if we want the chickens to lay on their own eggs or incubate them. I know that Grace would really enjoy the experience of incubating the eggs, but it would cost us about 100.00 - 140.00 for all the supplies. I am thinking let's just let nature take its course and have the chickens deal with their own business. Only item I am concerned of is the adult chickens hurting the chicks.
  • Hubby just finished a big art project for a contest in Atlanta. It is fantasy themed. I will try to get a picture soon and post it along with his blog address. (He doesn't update very often.)
  • Got to hang out laundry today for the first time this year. Not so patiently waiting for spring.


Tanya said...

So glad the weather is improving for you. Sounds like you are all getting fitter...getting wood makes you fit and with you and Grace knocking off the soft drink...awesome idea. Have tried going to sparkling mineral water or soda water to help wean off the soft drink? That way you still get some fizz without the sugar. Of course there is a small ammount of salt but it is stepping in the right direction for you. The chooks will love the home grown greens. Ours love silverbeet and spinach.

The Zoo Keeper said...

Are you ready for the 25 degree temp tonight and the upcoming snow again! Remember, you can by hybrid plants. They are not GMO. They are the result of crossing the parents.

The Zoo Keeper said...

You couldn't tell from the eyes on my profile pic that it was me?! You should have seen Julia's pic. She wouldn't let me post it so I'll show you next time I see you. It's really funny!