Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Grace loves all things Percy Jackson and was very disappointed when the series ended. But a couple months after finishing the series Rick Riordan came out with a new series tied to the Percy Jackson series. Grace's big accomplishment is finishing this book. This is her first over 500 page book to finish all on her own. She is chomping at the bit for the next one to come out in the Fall. We are saving his other new series, The Red Pyramid, to read when we start our year long study on Ancient Egypt for the 8th grade. Reading this 553 page book is a big deal for her, this is the same child that a couple of years ago really didn't like reading at all. She also loved the movie Percy Jackson, hoping the series will be continued in movie form.

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Catherine said...

My son also loves the Percy Jackson books! They've been great in getting him into reading since he's had such a hard time with his dyslexia. I think he's also read The Red Pyramid. In any case, I'm thrilled!