Friday, February 11, 2011

Little House On the Prairie For A Couple of Hours

This afternoon we attended our homeschool group's valentine party. Good friends, good fellowship. Upon returning home we discovered the power was out. Called local power company and they said the power how been out earlier in the afternoon but was restored, maybe our breaker had flipped because of the outage, checked it with no such luck. They said they would send another worker out to check on things. They did however inform me of the reason of the outage - which is a first for us. When the workers arrived earlier in the day they discovered a dead squirrel (apparently electrocuted). But wait it gets weirder, a hawk had swooped down to get the dead squirrel and got electrocuted himself. So when the workers arrived they found a dead squirrel and hawk on the line and it knocked out the power for an entire road. Everyone elses power was restored but me and three of my neighbors did not because the blast was so intense that it burnt all the way into a fuse. While waiting for the fuse to be replaced me, my son and daughter sat in the school room near the wood stove and discussed what it would be like to not have power at all. We would actually have to talk to one another for entertainment, play board games or read. I could hear the gasp inside their little brains at the thought of it. Then the lights came on and everything went back to normal. It is really sad how dependent we have all become on electricity and really don't know what to do with ourselves when it is out for a little while.


Pebblekeeper ~ Angie said...

But did you get to keep the squirrel and the hawk?

Jane said...

You are so right about our addiction to electric power. It might be nice to live without it,we might wonder after awhile why we once thought it was so important. Blessings jane