Monday, February 21, 2011

Organic Gardening for Kids

For Science we are starting a unit on gardening. The first book we are tackling is Organic Gardening for Kids. I thought it would be a timely subject to cover with all the gardening we will be doing as a family for Spring and Summer. The first chapter Grace read today was about why it is important to become an organic gardener. Our first project is creating a compost bin on a smaller scale. She is extremely excited about these worms.
Hubby and Grace out in the woods collecting soil and worms to put in the container.

Organic material for the compost bin.

The bin almost finished. They were able to find about three dozen small earthworms to put in the container. Now the bin is in our closet doing its thing. We will keep it for two weeks to help show Grace what actually happens in the soil to become nutrient rich to plant. We then plan on using the soil we make to plant something pretty. Really looking forward to this unit in gardening. I also purchased a unit study from Amanda Bennett about gardening that we will use over the next month starting in another week or so. Also talked to a close friend about getting her kids and mine together once a week to do some gardening experiments/projects. Don't you just love spring.


The Zoo Keeper said...

Yes, and we'll have fun! The girl on the cover looks a little like Grace.

Jane said...

I want to start a worm compost for my garden,but don't know when I will get that started. Hope your daughter enjoys her project. Blessings jane

Amanda said...

I want to get worms this spring, too! Well, I say that, but I'm still a little squeamish about committing to order them... LOL. We did get out and turn over the soil for the next veggie bed, and found several worms that way, but we left them there.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys are set for a whole lotta hands on learning - what fun! Looking forward to seeing your organic garden come to life!