Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thoughts on Today

  • I looked at my stats for today and had 90 page views. That is great for a little old blog like me. I normally average only 30-50 a day.
  • School and drama practice both went well today. Enjoying our new science unit on gardening. Grace keeps looking at the worm bin, but not much has happened yet. Kind of like the way she always wants to check outside to see if the chickens have laid any eggs for the day.
  • Got a great seed catalog in the mail today and just looking so forward to putting some of this all in to motion.
  • Hubby left after dinner to drop off an art piece for an Atlanta show this weekend.
  • Looking forward to sewing skirts tomorrow with a friend.
  • Need to catch up on all the Netflix dvds hanging around my house. Watched two episodes of CSI New York tonight to mail that one in.
  • Had a great walk/run this afternoon in the beautiful pre-spring weather. It was really nice to realize after dinner I wouldn't need to go upstairs and ride my bike. Exercise already had a check mark beside it for the day.
  • I have dropped away from crocheting and picked back up cross stitching. Working on a really hard project, lots of greens in a tree top. I don't think I am ever going to finish the tree part of the project.


The Zoo Keeper said...

Grocery prices are definitely going to get worse. With the unrest in the middle east, oil went up $7 a barrel yesterday and that's not because we have a shortage. We are already seeing that at the stores; I think it's gouging. Lots of produce is expensive because Northern Mexico had hard freezes and many crops were lost. That's allowing other suppliers to increase prices.

Jane said...

I agree the prices of our food is going up by the moment almost.But I think everything is going to go up soon,gas as well. I really don't know what people are going to do,it's sad. Blessings jane

Nekkid Chicken said...

Oh yes, food prices and everything is affected by the cost of a barrel of oil. We are just putting our family garden in and sticking to the basics --- cutting processed foods down to almost nothing.

It has been a great week here with homeschool and farmlife.

Take care,

mommyx12 said...

Hey Diane. You won the movie Pendragon. Pop me an email with your addy and I will send it out this week.

thanks for taking part,