Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A True Blessing

This winter has been the never ending saga for free wood. As I mentioned in a previous post we have never had to buy wood for our stoves. Between work, friend, etc. we have always had free wood to burn. This year has been so cold that we have really gone through the wood. Hubby was very worried about next years supply. Last week a neighbor tore down a very old chicken house made mostly out of wood. He was going to burn all of it to get rid of it. Hubby talked to him last night and he said we could have all we wanted. The logs in the above pic is actually from a church friend's house from yesterday and there is still more to come from that supply. All the lumber is from the old chicken house, and there is much, much more from where that came from. Hubby has been working on it all day and hopes to put alot back for next winter.

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