Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weekend Reading

I picked up lots of great stuff from the library to start reading over the weekend. Only problem, hasn't been any time yet. Yesterday we went over to a friend's for a playdate then grocery shopping. This morning I went shopping with my birthday money to find some tops to go with the skirts I will be making this week. Of course I picked fabric that didn't match anything I had. This afternoon we said good bye to a great church friend at his memorial service. Very sad, but we know he is in a better place with no more pain. After the memorial service I was off to the store again to buy a new computer for Grace and hubby to share. There old one died last night. Luckily we had extra money from the bonds we cashed in to use for educational purposes. Grace does some of her school work on the computer like (writing, spelling, graphic drawing, and watching educational videos). Hubby uses it for pictures, music and his art. Anyway, kind of got off the subject there for a minute, now it is going on 7:00 and still haven't gotten to do much reading. Tomorrow is church then small groups in the evening. But I did get all the laundry done, two bathrooms cleaned and a dog washed. I do feel like I have accomplished something.

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