Monday, February 28, 2011

Sorry No Pictures

Today in Science we did another hands on project, planted a seed potato to watch it grown. Grace read another chapter out of her ogranic gardening book and has already picked out some of the flowers she wanted to try and grow. Tomorrow we will talk more about seed and germination.

Bella the chicken is holding her own. I don't think she is very happy having to stay on her own and not sure if she is eating alot. Seems alert but her rear end doesn't look great. If she can make it through the next week I think she will be okay. We had to fight every hen today for her egg. Everyone all of a sudden decided they wanted to sit.

Drama practice went well this afternoon. Lots of work on the Mad Hatter scene. Lots of choreography (musical chairs and such). We have about one more month of practices before our performances. Tried on Alice dress today, looking good.

Not much more to report today. Really tired. Just finished getting lessons ready for tomorrow. Now about to put away laundry, ride my bike, then veg in front of the TV for a while.

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