Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I love the idea of lapbooks. Last year we purchased the super membership at Hands of a Child and recieved probably 14 lapbooks over that time frame that are sitting in my documents. We have completed exactly 3 - one from the Narnia series, one for Christmas, and one about Amelia Earhart. My daughter just is not interested. We are taking a break from our Flying Creatures science book and decided to start a lapbook about gravity. I am sorry, but I am just not digging it and neither is Grace. The lapbooks look so wonderful, but we just don't enjoy doing them. Alot of the ones I have are already printed out and ready to be used. I think what has happened is since we have completely switched over to Charlotte Mason a couple of years ago nothing else seems right when we try to use it. I really want to start using Exploring Creation with Astronomy but don't have the cash to buy the book right now. I have posted with my homeschool group that I would be willing to trade our Exploring Zoology with Land Animals for the Astronomy, but so far no takers. Maybe we will just read some books about science for awhile and decide what to do later. Probably in about a month I will have the cash to purchase the book and get it then. The remainder of the Flying Creatures book will have to be put on hold until Spring because it deals with insects which very soon will go away because of Fall and Winter. Much to ponder.


Tonya said...

Hi Diane, I was sorry to see that you moved your blog, but I have a confession....I also have a blogger account! Haven't added to it yet, it's in the process of getting a makeover! So for now, I still have the HSB blog.

Love the new look and all the pictures!:)


Wendy said...

Hi Diane

Not sure what it would cost in postage but we have completed the Astromony and would love to do the land Animals. I can check out postage costs from here and we can maybe do a swop? Give me your email and we can see if it will work out...