Sunday, September 13, 2009

Peaceful Weekend

I mostly stayed at home and did nothing. Some light housework, lots of movie watching and cross stitching. Oh and blog reading. One Saturday slept in. Once everyone was awake, clean, and moving Grace invited a couple of friends over for the afternoon. While they were doing their thing I watching Glenn Beck on Fox for two hours and cross stitched. Saturday night volleyball at the church for Grace and hubby, I stayed home and watched a movie and cross stitched. Are you sensing a theme here? This morning went to church, Grace brought a friend over for the afternoon and I read blogs on the computer in between trimming and bathing our poodle. Off to church again in about an hour for small groups. Grace is attending children's choir and a lesson time. The lesson time is what she truly looks forward to. The man that heads this up at our church, his gift is for story telling is incredible. The kids just sit in awe listening to him. Tomorrow back to the daily grind. Tomorrow afternoon is my first co-op for Artists and Composers. I will blog about that later.

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prayingmother said...

Aren't you thankful for weekends? Sometimes, I don't know how I'd survive without some time to just kick back. I want to hear about your artist and composer coop. That sounds really neat.

Rhonda @ Preparation Education