Friday, September 11, 2009

Good Day

School was really good today. I have found that Grace is not a morning person. She is much more alert, receptive, and just down right friendly if we school after lunch. Most days this isn't a problem, like today. We woke up this morning and I really needed to run some errands but didn't want to rush through school to do them. So I told her that I would run my errands first then come home and eat lunch then start school. Of course she was okay with this. It made our day run so much smoother. She did her math and written narration without a fuss. She is even doing her 30 minutes of independent reading during school time instead of putting it off until before bed. Today we learned more about bones and joints for science and Ben Frankling for history. Before we can continue on with our Georgia History project I need to get my printer fixed. One more week before that happens. After we finished with school we went out for an ice cream and off to the hospital to visit a friend that just delievered a baby.

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SmallWorld at Home said...

My oldest is not a morning person. He really likes to do his own school in the late afternoon and evening!