Friday, September 25, 2009

School Today

Bible - read about how Jesus and the discples came together.

History - read the first chapter from Back to the Beyond which is about Lewis and Clark. We are also putting a puzzle together that shows were they went. Grace really likes Lewis and Clark and will enjoy this one.

Science - read the first chapter from our Solar System book. Today we just looked at the solar system as a whole and about the orbits of planets and rotations. We also watched a short video about the solar system. Also read a small part of a book called What do you Know about the Solar System.

Grammar - we did a short worksheet about abbreviations in titles.

Typing for 15 minutes and reading for 30 minutes.

Math - two pages of large digit multiplication.

After we finished with school we went to a friends house for a playdate and the girls swam all afternoon. This may have been the last swim of the season. Tonight Grace is helping her dad make a cradle for her build a bear bunny.

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