Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fun Day

I decided today would be kind of a hands on day. We did go to Trinity this morning and Grace had her normal classes of choir, drama, and handicrafts. After lunch we starte putting together a solar system kit (mainly painting), her father will have to finish it with her tomorrow while I am in Atlanta with mother for doctor's appointments. While we were painting we watched the last three episodes of Liberty Kids and finished the entire series. Took about 8 weeks getting all the discs from Netflix. Once we were finished with those two endeavors we made bird suet, it is all in the freezer, we will be able to put one out tomorrow. Now Grace is playing online on Horse Isle and tonight she still needs to read. All in all I think it was a pretty educational day even though we did not do any book work. I am thinking sometimes maybe we should have alot more of those. My mind wonders to unschooling very frequently these days.


Bronwyn said...

I keep leaning more towards these kinds of days too. It seems like a more natural way to learn. I hope your mother's doctor appointment goes well.

The Correspondent said...

Sounds like fun, Diane. I enjoy these kinds of effortless-learning days.