Friday, September 4, 2009

End of the School Week

This morning we have been tying some loose ends up. We finished our book about John Hancock and will moving in to Ben Franklin on Monday. Almost finished the 4th disc of Liberty Kids, only two more to go. So I guess we will be in Colonial/American Revolution until we finish the video series. After Ben comes George Washington then John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. After the series we will move on to Lewis and Clark. Continued with our Georgia State History project - hope to get in some field trips and pictures this next week since hubby is on vacation all week. I will be sure to share. Continued working on addition and subtraction with large numbers, finished our cursive handwriting book, she will read a comic book about The Boston Tea Party. For art she will draw a picture of a castle and she created a head from clay for a figure she is making. After lunch we are headed to a play date then off for grocery shopping tonight.

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