Saturday, September 26, 2009

Raining Again and a Flea Market Visit

Okay, its raining again. Today we have already received over three inches to add to the 11 inches we got last week. If you haven't seen the pictures in the news some parts of Georgia got hit pretty bad with flooding. Our plans were to get up this morning and go to a flea market in Athens (the largest in the state) but part of it is outside and with the rain that was a no go. So instead we head to an indoor market. Not exactly the same but still fun to walk around. Grace was able to get three beanie babies and one webkinz for eleven dollars. I of course being the homeschool mother that I am got books. Two art books, one about the US capital, one for Bible, one about mammals, and one about the State of Georgia for our history project and all for eight dollars. Tonight Grace and hubby went to the monthly dodge ball game at the church and I am sure are having a blast. Me, I decided to stay home and play on the computer.

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