Wednesday, September 30, 2009

It Was A Long Day!!!!

Today was my mother's appts. We left for Atlanta at 8:15 and didn't return home until 5:30. She had lab at 10:15 that went off without a hitch then the chemical oncologist at 11:15. We were not put into the exam room until 2:00. Then the doctor didn't come in until 2:25. Once he arrived we had lots to discuss. My mother still has 1 confirmed nodule and 2 other possible nodules in her neck (recurrence of thyroid cancer). This is her 8th year of treatments and they have finally decided after many surgeries and radiation treatments to go with chemo. This will not be your traditional chemo treatments. She will be taking a chemo pill twice a day every day for the rest of her life as long as she tolerates the medication without too many side effects. Mom is not to keen on this especially after fighting this for 8 years. Please pray that when she does start the chemo that there will be few side effects. The doctor did say that this medication had great success rates with stopping the growth of the cancer and sometimes shrinking.

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Cindy said...

The rest of her life?? Wow. I've lifted her up today.

I deleted my hsb blog yesterday. I had been using an i-frame to keep it up to date with my new blog and that's now against their rules. Once the i-frame was removed, all the posts from the past year disappeared. It just seemed easiest to delete. You can find me at

Thanks for asking! See ya soon. :o)