Sunday, August 30, 2009

Our Homeschool Room

As I mentioned before we live in a cabin. Space is limited but we have a sunroom that I use as our school room. The picture above is the bottom four shelves of a wall unit that my husband built me for Christmas two years ago. It is from floor to ceiling. Bottom shelf on right has board games, bottom shelf on left has buckets of paint and leftover craft supplies. Second shelf from bottome continues with coloring books, more craft supplies, and containers of markers, colored pencils, etc. Third shelf from bottom has all history books.
Top shelf holds Bible and religion books as well as curriculum Grace will not need for a year or two. Second row of shelving contains all of Grace's indepent reading material. Third shelf has all art books and the space beside the art books is materials used for co-op classes.
This shelf hold our workboxes and underneath is current materials we are using this year.

Here is our table, used to be our kitchen table. This is were we spend most of our day. We have two great windows that look into the woods to spots all kinds of plants, trees, and critters.

Lastly is our two baskets for library materials. One basket is fiction and the other non-fiction.


Sheila (Meacher) said...

Hi diane,
I want to thank you for visiting barracuda memory box. Yes, blogger is easier. I enjoy it very much and keeping two blogs one for family and one for homeschool just seemed dumb to me. It's easier on me now and not as much time sitting at the computer but, doing. :)


Sheila (Meacher) said...

Oh I wanted to say one more thing and forgot...sorry...I love the cabin you live in that is so pretty and wonderful. I like it.

Amanda P said...

Oh, a cabin in the woods is so dreamy, can I come over?