Thursday, September 17, 2009

Trinity News

The choir teacher at Trinity came to us today to ask if Grace would be interested in joining choir on a scholarship. She indicated that they needed more strong voices that could stay on pitch and she invited Grace. Grace is thrilled. She is really loving Trinity this year and loves being able to add one more fine arts class to her schedule. In drama today one of the skits was cut because two of the children didn't have their lines memorized and there was no way this could be polished by performance on Tuesday of next week. Grace was somewhat upset because she had a large part in this skit, but all is not lost they will be performing it during a Christmas performance. She still has one more skit that she has a bigger role in and is looking for to performing it. After our performance on Tuesday we will be able to start concentrating on Willy Wonka. Yeah! The drama group is looking so forward to doing this musical, the music is just great.

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prayingmother said...

Congrats to your daughter for the scholarship to the choir. That is so neat!!! I love music and I loved choir when I was a teen.

Rhonda @ Preparation Education