Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yeah ! Sunshine!

After 8 days of rain and gloom we finally have some sunshine. Lots of flooding in Georgia the past two days. Of course they are predicating rain again tonight. But it is so nice to see the sun. Today was a pretty regular day. Grace started chorus today and we practice our skits in drama that we will be performing tonight. Luckily she is not nervous at all. Because of the three hours of fine arts classes this morning we did a shortened day of book work here at home. We finished our book about the skeletal system and will be moving on to space and planets. She also had Bible time, spelling, grammar, reading, art, and a liberty kids episode. Only one more disc of liberty kids and we can finally move out of The American Revolution. I think next it will be constructing Washington D.C. then Lewis and Clark. Looking forward to tonight - going out for mexican before the performances.

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